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Anything new in content marketing in 2016?


Yes, no and maybe.

Forbes predicted lately nine trends for marketing in 2016, including mobile video, apps, virtual reality, more expensive advertising, etc.

I will touch the mentioned a bit…

What the heck is new in mobile video? I shot my first mobile video latest in early 2003, when still few phones enabled that, so give me the news? Well, the resolution of that video was about 160*240 pixels (stamp-size), colors so smudgy that you needed to guess the hair color, and normal clip size might have been 200 kilobytes. Now my phone has about 4000*2000 resolution, millions of colors, one single clip might be sizing at e.g. 600Megabytes-1,2Gigabytes. And more than 2/3 people in Finland have almost similar devices in their pockets (or hands, since the current bigger screens hardly fit to jeans’ pockets anymore). Also, all global major media sites are more used from mobile devices than laptops or desktops. We also have great new free apps and services accessible with our devices. E.g. Periscope, Meerkat and established ones like FB, TW, IG, etc. where you can share or stream your clips instantly for global public. That means about half of the planet, who have access to internet. Most of the traffic of internet is video, and growing fast, thanks to HD, 3D, 4K and increasing data&bandwidth use. So I guess the biggest news is that “look around, the mobile video is already here”.

The biggest news – look around, the mobile video is already here!

Virtual reality… I stiched my first panoramas from pictures in about 1997-1998. First photos shooted and scanned to CD-ROM (about 1week), then stiching with fastest Mac in market with expensive Apple’s software for several hours – and then again and again trying to blend the ugly seams. Finally file uploaded to internet (slow…) and finally visible with low resolution with special browser plug-in which no one had… Yeehaa! And how is it now? High tech is out there, now (Oculus Rift VR, etc.) or soon (Hololens, Ozo). Low tech, where you attach your own smartphone, plastic one costs about 30-50€, cardboard one costs 5-10€, or nothing, if you just print the paper and start cutting it youself. High tech is naturally amazing (almost felt down on rollercoaster and got nausea in a few minutes). Even low tech is impressive. I saw real estate experience from mediterraine (turn your head to look around and stare the door to move in there). Another one was 360-video clip with 6 cameras. You stand in the middle of the crowd and someone walks at you and passes by, you follow him by turning your head (motion sensors are already in your phone), with photorealistic image resolution. Wow! Cameras and phones can stich 360-degree panoramas instantly, guiding you “slower” to pixel-perfect results, again production studios have arrived to our pockets. For about free. Globally, including emerging markets and “bottom of the pyramid”.

But what about advertising, how the hell that can be more expensive with massively growing, free or almost free channels? The answer is the polarization. The more crap goes to internet, the harder it gets to find relevant stuff to you. The harder is gets, the more big brands rule the traffic, so winners take it all. So the winners, like Facebook, Google and Twitter can increase their prices. Why? It’s still efficient marketing channel with targeting tools and established pay-per-click-not-only-impressions type of pricing. Even if you can setup your own website and social media channels for free, it does not help much, if no one is there…. (I know there are ways to succeed even without money in marketing as well, but I’m talking about the mainstream now).

All in all, I am embracing also this year to come with open arms. The digitalization is here and not going away, even if keep your head in a bush. It’s turning around industries, destroying the dinosaurs but also creating the new possibilities for the open minded and brave. Also, as a consumer, I am very content with the progress described above. I would not recommend to bet against it and suggest you are not the last one to join the wagon either. The wagon is accelerating and few can afford to be excluded.

Jump on the wagon!

Up in the air on Finnair Airbus A320,

Asko Mononen
senior lecturer, coach

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