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Nose Knows Oy (Ltd) is a consulting company with expertise on bringing customer understanding and building digital capabilities.

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Nose Knows was set up from the burn to help the customers with their customers. Since customers are the abundant source of value for all organizations, we need to help the employees to focus on them, regardless of the business or economical cycles. Also, at the times of uncertainty, the customer relations provide us both a leading star and a stable ground to build on.

Many have seen dozens of new, hyped management models coming and going. Often we have too much data and analysis available for decision making as well. In past 14 years we have learned to pinpoint the sustainable and simple approaches. In management there are no clear answers and obvious choices, so it often comes down on what your nose knows – gut feeling and common sense.

Especially in today’s hectic pace, in order to see clearly forward, we need to step back from the rat race. By sitting back and discussing about business and life, we are carrying on the tradition of dialogue, knowledge sharing & co-creation. Creativity and innovation require time and space. The story telling and knowledge management methods we use are dating back for centuries.


We promise you won’t get 100s of slides nor 50-page reports from us. Rather you can expect a model from which we can start customizing unique solution for you and engaging hands-on workshops in out-of-office environment. Or maybe we will create a big picture on a poster, which leaders can use to crystallize the call for action, making the vision to become reality.

Areas on which we can help are:

• Customer relationship models, from vision creation, strategy, strategic account management, segmentation, organizing, processes

• Marketing and sales strategy, related processes, technology & training

• Training and change management related to transformation (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2G)

We have experience of dozens of projects:

• Cross industries (Telecom, High-tech, Finance, Utilities, Government, etc.)

• Company/unit wide multi-site roll-outs, from concept creation to deployment

• Learner centric approaches (face-to-face, virtual, train-the-trainer models)

Nose Knows is a modern virtual organisation, so we are nimble and scalable. We have established network of experienced consultants, from engineers to designers. We also have long-term partners ready for graphic, learning & interaction design & production (mobile/web/print).


What did you learn in previous 5 courses you have attended? Most likely you don’t remember much, since they did not shake you too enough…

We create unique experiences for teams. For learning and fun, for rewarding your people or customers, or just for creating memorable experience. Shared experience create common stories. They can melt the ice between the strangers, create trust and appreciation among participants. The connections and glue needed for professional and private network to emerge.

Someone has said that “beer is the best knowledge management tool”, the point being the informal socialization – known for decades in e.g. Japanese management. We have fine-tuned the catalysts for knowledge sharing and creating “meaning” for the people. The approach is informal, sharing the experiences with gentle guidance to topics at hand.

We organise the sessions that are best fit to small groups of 5-12 people where the discussion easily emerges. We have managed bigger groups as well, e.g. in company events (30-150 people).

Nose Knows – Tasting packages are customized for need, e.g:

• Tasting events (infotainment & socialization)

• Cigar school (centuries old tradition with the unhurried dialogue)


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Nose Knows Ltd. is based in Helsinki-region, Finland. We are very mobile and work practically wherever needed in the world. So far we have run workshops in 15 countries in Europe, Russia, Asia, North America and Africa.

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